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NRC ASSAM 2nd List/Second Draft Lakhimpur District result 2018

NRC ASSAM 2nd List/Second Draft Lakhimpur District result 2018

The name Lakhimpur is believed to be originated from the word Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. The district is mainly dependent upon agriculture and paddy. Paddy is regarded locally as Lakhimi. The word pur means full. Lakhimpur therefore means full of paddy or the place where paddies are grown abundantly. As per Lakhimpur District Gazette (1976:4) , the district was notified as Lakhimpur District through a proclamation issued by then Governor General on July, 1839. On 2nd October, 1971 the district was reorganized with two sub divisions viz. Dhemaji and North Lakhimpur .


As per census 2011 Lakhimpur district had population of almost 1042137. After publication of Part Draft NRC, People of Lakhimpur district are curious to know the NRC ASSAM 2nd DRAFT  Lakhimpur DISTRICT result. It is estimated that near about 10-13 lakh people from Lakhimpur district have applied for NRCASSAM.

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NRC ASSAM 2nd List/Second Draft Lakhimpur District result 2018

ABOUT Lakhimpur DISTRICT OF ASSAM: [source: http://lakhimpur.nic.in]


Area and Population :

The District covers an area of 2277 Sqkm out of which 2257 Sqkm is rural and 20 sqkm is urban. 
The Population as per Census of India, paper 1 of 2011 is as follows,

Total Male Female
1042137 529674 512463

Location & Boundary :

Lakhimpur District is situated on the North East corner of Assam and at the north bank of the River Brahmaputra. The district lies between 26o48′ and 27o53′ Northern latitude and 93o42′ and 94o20′ East longitude (approx.) 
It is bounded on the north by Siang and Papumpare District of Arunachal Pradesh and on the east by Dhemaji District and Subansiri river. The river Brahmaputra along with Majuli District stands on the southern side and Gahpur sub division of Biswanath District is on the West.


Forests :

Forests of the district are mainly tropical rain forest. The important reserved forests of the district are Ranga Reserve, Kakoi Reserve, Dulung Reserve and Pava Reserve . The varieties of tree species grown in the forest area are Hollock (Terminalia Myriocarpa) , Urium (Bichotia Jauvanica), Nahar (Mesua Ferrea), Ajhar (lagerstroemia speciosa), Simolu (Bombax ceiba/Salmalia Malabarica), Sum (Machilus), Sualu , Gomari (gmelina orborea), Sissoo (Dalbergia Sissoo), Jutuli (Altingia excelsa), Silikha (Terminalia Chebula), Neem (Azadirachta Indica), Sopa (Magnolia) etc.

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