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DHS Assam Junior Assistant Exam 08 July, 2018 Solved question paper Download, Solved Answer Key and Exam Analysis

DHS Assam Junior Assistant / Account Assistant Exam 08 July, 2018 Solved question paper Download, Solved Answer Key and Exam Analysis

DHS Assam Junior Assistant Exam 08 July, 2018 Solved question paper Download, Solved Answer Key and Exam Analysis

We are  pleased to publish that the The Directorate of Health & F.W. Department Assam has successfully conducted Junior Assistant recuitment written exam Solved question paper Download and exam analysis  for the written test (Objective Type Multiple Choices),held on 8th July 2018 sunday, in connection with DHS Assam Recruitment 2018 for 423  posts Exam


Please note that this Answer Key and exam analysis of DHS Assam Recruitment is purely done by our team. The answer key and exam analysis published here of Assam DHS Recruitment is not final and official. Official answer key may be different for some questions. While entering the answer key published here there may be some typical error. We request our reader to check carefully and if you find any mistake in the answer key you can contact us. Our team believes this is the best answer key and you can confidently  plan your preparation based on this.

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Answer Key and Exam analysis of Assam DHS Assam Junior Assistant Exam 08 July, 2018

Subject Questions Exam Level Good Attempt
General Awareness 50  Moderate To Difficult 38-43
Numerical Aptitude 25 Easy to moderate 20-22
General English 25 Easy to Moderate 18-20
TOTAL 100 Moderate 76-85

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DHS Assam Junior Assistant Exam 08 July, 2018 Solved answer key





General Knowledge

GK QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF DHS Assam Junior Assistant Exam 08 July, 2018

GK Section specially Questions of Geography section was bit tough as per candidates response after exam.

  1. The Aryans came to India from (A) Northern Europe (B) Central Asia (C) South-East Asia ID) North-East Africa

Answer: *(B) Central Asia 

  1. Tripitakas are the sacred books of which of the following religions? (A) Jainism (B) Buddhism (C) Hinduism (D) Zoroastrianism .

Answer: (B) Buddhism

  1. Who is called the Napoleon of Ancient India?

(A) Chandragupta Maurya (B) Pushyamitra (C) Kanishka (D) Samudragupta.

Answer: (D) Samudragupta

  1. King Porus was defeated by Alexander the Great in the Battle of A) Buxar (B) Herat (C) Kabul D) Hydaspes

Answer:  D) Hydaspes

  1. Who was the author of the book, Indica? A) Vishnugupta (B) Megasthenes (C) Diamechus (D) Harshavardhana

Answer: B) Megasthanese

  1. Kautilya was the Prime Minister of which of the following Indian rulers? (A) Chandragupta Maurya (B) Chandragupta-1 (C) Ashoka (D) Harshavardhana .

Answer: (A) Chandragupta Maurya

  1. Who ascended the throne of Delhi Sultanate after the death of Qutub-ud-din Aibak? (A) Ghiyas-ud-din Balban (B) Iltutmish (C) Nasir-ud-din Shah (D) Raziya Sultana

Answer: (B) Iltutmish

  1. Who wrote the book, Ramchantamanas? (A) Kabir (B) Ramdas (C) Tulsidas D) Sankaracharya Assamjobalerts.com

Answer:  (C) Tulsidas

  1. Which Mughal emperor founded his own religion, Din-i-ilahi? (A) Humayun (B) Akbar (C) Jahangir (D) Aurangzeb

Answer:  (B) Akbar

  1. The Quit India Movement was launched in the year (A) 1924 (B) 1934 (C) 1947 (D) 1942

 Answer:  (D) 1942 

  1. ‘Garba’ dance is a dance from (A) Rajasthan (B) Gujarat (C) Karnataka (D) Maharashtra

Answer:  (B) Gujarat

  1. The Elephanta Cave is situated near (A) Mumbai (B) Chennai (C) Mount Abu (D) Amarnath

Answer:  (A) Mumbai

  1. Which of the following was written by Kalidasa?

(A) Sursagar (B) Ramtarangmi (C) Kathasantsagara (D) Meghadutam

Answer:  (D) Meghadutam

  1. The classical dance of Andhra Pradesh is (A) Kathakali (B) Kuchipudi (C) Mohiniyattarn (D) Bharatanatyam

Answer:  (B) Kuchipudi

  1. The ‘Desert Festival’ in India is held in (A) Jaisalmer (B) Jaipur (C) Bikaner (D) Jodhpur Assamjobalerts.com

Answer:  (A) Jaisalmer

  1. Which planet looks reddish in night sky? (A) Mercury (B) Mars (C) Jupiter (D) Saturn

Answer:  (B) Mars

  1. Which one of the following planets has the largest number of natural satellites or moons?

(A) Jupiter (B) Mars (C) Saturn (D) Venus

Answer:  (A) Jupiter

  1. The earth rotates on its axis from (A) north to south (B) east to west (C) south to north (D) west to east

Answer:  (D) west to east

  1. Through which of the following countries does the equator pass? (A) Peru (B) Brazil (C) Egypt (D) Thailand

Answer:  (B) Brazil

  1. Solar eclipse occurs when (A) earth comes in between sun and moon (B) moon is at right angle to earth (C) moon comes between sun and earth (D) sun comes between moon and earth

Answer:  (C) moon comes between sun and earth

  1. The speed of rotation of the earth in kilometer per hour is the highest (A) along the Equator (B) at the North Pole (C) along the Tropic of Cancer (D) along the Arctic Circle

Answer:  A) along the Equator

  1. Which of the following is a metamorphic rock? (A) Slate (B) Sandstone (C) Shale (D) Limestone

Answer:  (A) Slate

  1. Which one of the following countries is known as land of thousand lakes’? (A) Portugal (B) Austria (C) Finland (D) Romania

Answer:  (C) Finland

  1. The Strait that separates Europe from Africa is

(A) Hook Strait (B) Strait of Gibraltar (C) Palk Strait (13) Bering Strait

Answer:  (B) Strait of Gibraltar

  1. Which is the deepest freshwater lake in the world? A) Lake Tanganyika (B) Lake Superior (C) Lake Baikal D) Lake Michigan

Answer:  (C) Lake Baikal

  1. Malta is located in which of the following seas? (A) Baltic Sea (B) Mediterranean Sea (C) Black Sea (D) North Sea

Answer: (B) Mediterranean Sea

  1. Which of the following European countries has coastline with the Atlantic Ocean? (A) Portugal (B) Italy (C) Germany (d) Greece

Answer: (A) Portugal

  1. The world’s largest coral reef is found near the coast of which of the following? (A) Australia (B) Ghana (C) Cuba (D) Philippines

Answer: (A) Australia

  1. What is the capital of Turkey? (A) Amsterdam (B) Addis Ababa (C) Ankara (D) Beirut

Answer: (C) Ankara

  1. What is the currency of Thailand? (A) Kyat (B) Dong c) Won d)Baht 

Answer: D)Baht

  1. Which of the following Indian States does not have a coastline? (A) Rajasthan (13) Maharashtra (C) Odisha (D) Kerala

Answer: (A) Rajasthan

  1. Which of the following Indian States forms the easternmost border of the country? (A) Assam (B) Arunachal Pradesh (C) Nagaland (D) Manipur

Answer: (B) Arunachal Pradesh

  1. Which of the following rivers flows from east to west?A) Narmada (B) Godavari (C) Krishna ID) Cauvery

Answer: A) Narmada

  1. Under which Article of the Constitution is the President’s rule promulgated in any State in India?

(A) Article 356 (B) Article 352 (C) Article 360 D) Article 370

Answer: (A) Article 356

  1. POCSO Act is related to (A) oil companies (B) children (C) civil servants (D) ocean

Answer: (B) children

  1. Two atoms are said to be isotopes if (A) they have the same atomic numbers but different mass numbers (B) they have the same number neutrons, but different mass numbers (C) they have the same number of protons and neutrons (D) they have same number of neutrons but different numbers of protons

Answer: (A) they have the same atomic numbers but different mass numbers

  1. The loudness of sound is related to (A) its frequency (B) its amplitude (C) its speed (D) its pitch

 Answer: (B) its amplitude

  1. The phenomenon of ‘total internal reflection’ is observed in which of the following? (A) Glowing tube light (B) Light passing through lens (C) Sparkling diamond (D) Twinkling star Assamjobalerts.com

Answer: (C) Sparkling diamond

  1. Electricity is produced in a dry cell through conversion of energy from (A) chemical energy (B) thermal energy (C) mechanical energy (D) nuclear energy

Answer: (A) chemical energy

  1. The main constituent of vinegar is

A)acetic acid (B) ascorbic acid (C) citric acid (0) tartaric acid

Answer: A) acetic acid

  1. Non-stick cooking utensils are coated with

(A) black paint (B) PVC (C) teflon (D) polystyrene

Answer: (C) Teflon

  1. Which of the following elements is found in all organic compounds? (A) Carbon (B) Calcium (C) Nitrogen (D) Oxygen

Answer: (C) Carbon

  1. Which of the following acids is a mineral acid? (A) Citric acid B) Hydrochloric acid (C) Ascorbic acid (D) Tartaric acid

Answer: B) Hydrochloric acid

  1. Which among the following is an example of chemical change? (A) The melting of an ice cube (B) The boiling of water C) Rusting of iron utensils (D) Attraction of iron nail to a magnet

Answer: C) Rusting of iron utensils

  1. Which of the following is the lightest metal?

(A) Mercury (B) Sodium C) Lithium D) Cadmium

Answer: C) Lithium

  1. Scurvy is caused by deficiency in (A) vitamin A (B) vitamin B1 ,(C) vitamin C (D) vitamin D3

Answer: (C) vitamin C

  1. Which of the following glands produces growth hormone in human?

 (Al Adrenal gland (B) Pancreas (C) Pituitary gland (D) Thyroid gland

Answer: C) Pituitary gland

  1. Which of the following diseases is caused by bacteria? (A) Hepatitis El (13) Poliomyelitis (C) Scabies D) Tuberculosis

Answer: D) Tuberculosis

  1. Which of the following diseases is also known as ‘breakbone fever? (A) Typhoid -A B) Rhinitis (C) Yellow fever (D) Dengue

Answer: D) Dengue

  1. The site for cellular respiration in anima cell is (A) ribosome B) mitochondria (C) endoplasmic reticulum (D) lysosome

Answer: B) mitochondria

DHS Assam Junior Assistant Exam 08 July, 2018 Solved answer key


General English

  1. What is the synonym of ‘Occupation?

Ans:-  Option (B) Job

  1. What is the antonym of Cautious?

Ans:-  Option (B) Careless

  1. Which of the following is not a collective noun?

Ans:-  Option C) Nation

  1. Which abstract noun is formed from the verb ‘obey?

Ans:-  Option (A) Obedience

  1. What is the female gender of ‘hero?

Ans:-  Option C) Heroine

  1. What is the plural of ‘handkerchief?

Ans:-  Option (A) Handkercheives

  1. Use the correct adjective to fill up the following sentence : “Suddenly there arose a _ storm.”

Ans:-  Option (C) violent

  1. What is the superlative of ‘inner?

Ans:-  Option (B) Innermost

  1. Complete the following sentence using correct option from given below : “I will not buy _ mangoes.’

Ans:-  Option (D) Any

  1. Fill in the blank with the correct article : “I have only ______one-rupee note with me.’

Ans:-  Option (A) a

  1. Fill in the blank with correct pronoun : ‘You and Hari have idled away_____ time.”

Ans:-  Option (A) your

  1. Fill in the blank with correct verb. `The wounded man was______ helped by some boys.”

 Ans:-  Option (B) being

  1. What is the past participle of ‘wear’?

Ans:-  Option (B) Worn

  1. Use the correct adverb to complete the following sentence :

‘He has _____seen a tiger.”

Ans:-  Option (A) carefully

  1. Fill in the blank with correct preposition : “He leaned _____the wall and waited for me.”

Ans:-  Option (A) against

  1. What is the verb form of ‘bath?

Ans:-  Option (A) Bathe

  1. What is the diminutive form of Hill?

Ans:-  Option (c) Hillock

  1. Use the correct option to complete the following phrase :

‘from ____ to worse’   Assamjobalerts.com

Ans:-  Option (b) bad

  1. What is the meaning of the idiom, ‘turn deaf ear to?

Ans:-  Option (A) Disregard

  1. Complete the following English proverb with the correct option given below :

‘No_______, no gains’

Ans:-  Option (C) pains

  1. What is the past tense of bite?

Ans:-  Option (A) Bit

  1. What is the single word for the phrase in spite of?

Ans:-  Option A) Notwithstanding

  1. What is a group of sheep known as?

Ans:-  Option (B) Flock

  1. What is the opposite gender of ‘wizard?

Ans:-  Option (D) Witch

  1. What is the plural of ‘Commander in chief?

Ans:-  Option (c) Commanders in chief

DHS Assam Junior Assistant / Account Assistant Exam 08 July, 2018 Solved answer key


General Mathematics

76. 2/5*(-3/7)-1/14-3/7*3/5

Ans:Option (C) -1/2

77. What should be added to twice the rational number −7/3 to get 3/7 ?

Ans: Option (D) 107/21

78. The sum of three consecutive multiple of 11 is 363. What is the middle term.

Ans: Option (B) 121

79. Bansi has 3 times as manu two rupee coins as he has five rupee coins. If he has in all a sum of Rs. 77. How many two rupee coins does he have?

Ans: Option (A) 7

80. The digits of a two digit number is differ by 3. If the digits are interchanged and the resulting number is added to the original number. We get 143. What can be the original number?

Ans: Option (D) 85

81. Arjun is twice as old as shriiya. Fove Years age, his afe was three times shriya’s age. What is arjun’s present age ?

Ans: Option (A) 20 years.

82. The value of x in the equation: 6x+1/3+ 1 =x−3/6.

Ans: Option (D) -1

83. Find the number of sides of a regular polygon who’s each exterior angle has a measure of 45◦.

Ans: Option (B) 8

84. Which of the following number is perfect square?

Ans: Option (C) 7921

85. In a right triangle, the length of the hypotenuse and a side are respectively 5cm and 3cm. what is the length if the remaining side?

Ans: Option (B) 4 cm

86. By which smallest natural number should 53240 be divided so that the quotient is a perfect cube?

Ans: Option (C) 5

87. An item marked at Rs. 840 is sold for Rs.714. What is the discount percentage?

Ans: Option (C) 15%

88. Sohan bought a second hand refrigerator for Rs. 2,500, then spent Rs, 500 on its repairs and sold it for Rs. 3,300. Find his loss or gain percent.

Ans: Option (A) Profit, 10%

89. A sum of Rs. 10000 is borrowed at a rate if interest 15% per annum for 2 years. What will be the simple interest on this sum at the end of 2 years ?

Ans: Option (C) Rs. 3000/-

90. Subtracting 5x2-4y2+6y-3 from 7x2-4xy+8y2+5x-3y gives

Ans:Option (B)  2x2-4xy+12y2+5x-9y+3

91. What is the value of 3y(2y-7) – 3(y-4)-63 if y=-2 ?
Ans: Option (A) 21

92. The perimeter of a Parallelogram with sides of 7 cm and 12 cm length is –
Ans: Option (C) 38 cm

93. Which of the following about a Parallelogram is true?
Ans: Option (B) Diagonals bisect one another

94. The area of a trapezium shaped field is 480 square meter. The distance between two parallel sides is 15 m and length of one of the parallel sides is 20 m. What is the length of the
other parallel side?
Ans: Option (B) 24 m

95. The area of a rhombus is 240cm2 and one of the diagonals is 16 cm. the Length of the other diagonal is –
Ans: Option (C) 30 cm

96. An Aquarium is in the form of a cuboids whose external measures (lxbxh) are 80 cm x30 cm x40cm. The base side faces and back face are to be covered with a colored paper. What will be the area of the paper needed?
Ans: Option (C) 8000 cm2

97. Find the height of a cylinder whose radius of 7 cm and the total surface area is 968 cm2?

Ans: Option (A) 15 cm

98. Simplify:{ (1/3)-2– (1/2)-3}÷ (1/4)-2

Ans: Option (D) (1/16)

99. What is the value of m if (-3)m+1*(-3)5=(-3)7?

Ans: Option (A) 1

100. Mass of earth is 5.97×1022 kg and mass of moon is 7.35×1022 Kg. what is the total mass?Ans: Option (A) 604.35x 1022 KG. 


We are analysing the question papers. We will update the REMAINING answer key by today evening. Keep visiting our website for details. REFRESH THIS PAGE FOR UPDATED ANSWER KEYS. 

As per the response of candidates appeared in the written examination the level of the examination was Moderate and cut off for selection may be bit high. Don’t lose your hope , wait for the result and keep preparing for the upcoming exams.

Download solved question paper of DHS Assam Recruitment of Junior Assistant:



Important note: The Answer Key  analysis published here is done by assamjobalerts team. It is not final and official answer key.

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