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General Instruction For Assam Secretariat Computer Operator Exam

General Instruction For Assam Secretariat Computer Operator Written Exam

General Instruction For Assam Secretariat Computer Operator Exam -Government of Assam has commissioned the Assam Institute of Management to design and administer the selection process for recruitment of Computer Operator in the Secretariat Administration Department, Govt. of Assam. With reference to your application to the above mentioned post, you are required to appear in a written examination to be held as per the date(Which is 11-02-2018), Centre and Venue mentioned in the enclosed.

ADMIT CARD. In context of the above, the candidates are required to note the following instructions carefully

General Instruction For Assam Secretariat Computer Operator Exam Important Points:

General Instruction For Assam Secretariat Computer Operator

  1. The candidate should bring the ADMIT CARD to the Examination Hall to secure Admission as per the Date and Venue as specified in the Admit Card.
  2. The candidate should reach the Examination Venue at least ninety (90) minutes before the
    prescribed time for commencement of the Examination and get seated immediately according to Roll Number.
  3. No candidate shall be allowed to enter the Examination Hall after the commencement of the
  4. Immediately after entering the Examination Hall/Room the candidate should make sure that he /she has no unauthorised book or paper with him/her or in the desk. Only articles specified in the instruction appended to the ADMIT CARD would be allowed.
  5. Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, smart watches and calculators of any model or
    other communication devices are strictly prohibited in the Examination Venue. Candidates
    found possessing such items may be disqualified from the examination immediately.
  6. Loaning or interchanging of slide rule, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener etc. in the Examination Hall are not permitted.
  7. The candidate should check that the Question Booklets supplied to him/her has the required number of pages immediately after receiving the same. In case there is short of any page(s) the fact should be brought to the notice of the Invigilator/Supervisor immediately.
  8. The Question Booklet would comprise of 100 Multiple Choice Questions to be answered in OMR Sheet. There will be Three Series of the Question Booklet- A, B & C.
  9. The candidate should write the ROLL NO. only in the space provided for the purpose on the
    Question Booklet and OMR Answer Sheet. They are also required to mention the Series of their Question Booklet in the OMR sheet. Failure to do so will entail loss of credit for the Paper.
  10. In the OMR Sheet the candidates should darken the circles corresponding to their Roll No. and Question Booklet Series. This is very important for evaluation purpose.
  11. The candidate should not tear out any page(s) from the Booklets. Doing so will lead to disqualification.
  12. The candidate should read carefully and follow thoroughly the instructions printed on the cover of the Question Booklet.
  13. The candidate must note that he/she should write the examination with his/her own hand. In no circumstances, any sort of help from scribe to write answers for him/her would be allowed.
  14. A signal would be given at the beginning of the examination. It would be repeated 10 minutes before the closing time and again at the closing time. The candidate must stop writing or revising his/her answers on the signal of closing time. The candidates must not continue to write or revise after the expiry of the time. Any candidate who is found doing so will be disqualified.
  15. The duration of the examination is Two hours in one sitting. (11:00 A.M. to 01:00 P.M.). No
    candidates would be allowed to leave the examination venue during this time, even if they have submitted their OMR Answer Sheet.
  16. No candidate may be allowed to go to Toilet/Urinal during the last 30 minutes of examination. 
  17. Candidates intending to go to the Toilet may be escorted by an Invigilator. In no circumstances, should a candidate go to the Toilet/Urinal without clear permission of the Invigilator. He/she must not carry any examination material to the Toilet/Urinal.
  18. If a candidate slips away from the Toilet/Urinal, he/she will not be allowed to re-enter the
    Examination Hall.
  19. Before going to the Toilet/Urinal, the candidate must close the Booklets.
  20. The candidate should hand over the OMR Answer Sheet personally to the Invigilator on duty, if he/she leaves the Examination Hall. The Question Booklet may be carried by the candidate after the examination.
  21. The candidate must not indulge in copying or communication with other candidate in the
    Examination Hall. He/she will be disqualified if found doing so.
  22. Smoking in the Examination Hall/Room is strictly prohibited as per relevant rules of Government imposing ban on smoking in public places.
  23. Discipline and silence must be observed in the Examination Hall. Talking and consuming tea etc. is strictly prohibited.
  24. The candidate must abide by such further instruction as may be given by the Invigilator/Supervisor of the Examination. If a candidate disregards any of the instructions or indulges in disorderly/improper conduct, he/she will render himself/herself liable to disqualification.
  25. The candidate should carry Black/Blue Ball Pen of their own to the Examination Hall.
  26. The candidate should read and follow carefully the instructions provided in the ADMIT CARD
  27. The Question Booklet will contain 100 multiple choice questions to be answered in a separate OMR ANSWER SHEET using Blue/Black Ball Pen. Do Not Use Ink/Gel Pen. The candidate should mention his/her Booklet Series (A, B, C) in the designated space provided in the OMR Sheet and darken the corresponding circle.
  28. The Question Booklet can be retained by the candidate after the examination.
  29. Directions for giving the answer: Each question is followed by four alternative suggested answers. Candidates are required to select the correct answer and darken the appropriate circle using Blue/Black Ball Pen so that the circle is completely darkened.

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